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Regular Sundays: 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.

Summerfest Sundays - July 3rd - August 7th - 10am Service + Connecting Event (Food, Fun, Fellowship)

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"Missions" is what we call all of our efforts to "Go Out" and serve, whether locally, next door, or around the world. And, yes, we expect to help you plug into those efforts somewhere. Let's GO! 

At Grace, instead of the traditional model of the church staff or volunteers organizing big churchwide serving opportunities, we look to our church partners — that's you — to serve where God has placed you and invite others in the church to join you. So you'll be encouraged to get busy reaching your "Oikos" — a term you'll hear a lot that means your extended household, or the people on the front rows of your life.  

(To over-explain that approach, we believe we can impact our Oikos way more successfully than random people we don't know. That doesn't mean it's easy, but if we prayerfully, patiently focus on the people God has put right in front of us, we will bear fruit. If instead we always have a new, shiny service "project" waiting for us, we may never learn to reach our Oikos.) 

Don't worry. There will be lots of ways to plug into missions, including via our global missions partners:

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